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At Net-Pro, we strive to be the best professional IT managed service provider in Northwest Ohio. Whether you need a modern integrated network for your business, or a personally tailored server, we are here to help. We deliver the best service available and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Services

Servers, Firewalls, and Switches

We deploy, configure, and maintain network hardware for our customers. We also offer server installation and state-of-the-art network support including large scale software deployments, 24/7 monitoring/administration, anti-virus support, and system maintainance.


Virtualization is the ultimate business solution. We offer you an easy to use process to streamline your business needs across any platform or OS. With virtural machine configuration and development, your business can transition away from unnessecary and inefficient hardware. Ask us how virtualization saves our customers time and money.


We offer network planning, hardware installation, firewall installation, network deployment, network configuration, VLAN configurations, network vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, penetration testing, along with full network monitoring and administration.


Are you looking to keep your network safe from a security breach? Wi-Fi is the easiest way for your network to be compromised. We offer wireless access point setup, penetration testing, intrusion detection, WPA2 or radius authentication, and isolated guest Wi-Fi access with multiple networks.


Want the same network across multiple locations? Need a business on the go? With a VPN, your business network is always reachable from work, home, or on the go. Our site to site link allows our customers to streamline IT services throughout all their locations.

Data Backup

We offer both on-site and an off-site data backup systems so you never lose valuable data. With data backup services, we ensure your valuable data is safe while providing you with peace of mind. Also included in our data backup plan is on-call data restoration and disaster recovery.

Service Contracts

We manage and maintain our clients IT infrastructure on a monthy or yearly service contract. We provide 24/7 remote monitoring with guaranteed rapid servce response. Each contract is professionally crafted to perfectly suit your business and enviroment. We offer our customers both remote support and on-site services.

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Where We Are

119 E Court St.

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

We are located in the middle of Bowling Green at 119 E. Court St. We service all surronding areas within 50 miles of Bowling Green, including Toledo and Findlay. For those outside our service area, we can offer our remote services.

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